Meet the Doctors

Dr Prashant Parekh

Dr. Prashant Parekh

Growing up, Dr. P. Parekh loved to build/create stuff. Using that characteristic and inspiration from the surgical chapters he read from his older sister’s medicine textbooks, he chose dentistry. His main goal is to leave patients with something better than what they expected. He wishes to change one smile at a time and eradicate dental fear from the community one patient at a time.

Apart from dentistry, Dr. P. Parekh loves to be outdoors. Loves to watch movies (especially at drive-in/outdoor theatres), photography, travel, socialize, play all kinds of sports, kayaking, hiking, and gardening. His favorite of them all is biking, kayaking, and long-distance road trips. He is a big foodie of vegetarian dishes.

Family is very important to Dr. P. Parekh. He met his wife, Dr. Brijita Parekh, in dental school. They moved to Austin from Michigan in 2018. They now have a beautiful 1-year-old daughter named Mishka who keeps them busy at home.  

Dr Brijita Parekh

Dr. Brijita Parekh

No one can relate to dental fear better than Dr. B. Parekh as she has had multiple firsthand bad/rude dentist experiences in her childhood. She overcame the dental fear by studying the subject and becoming a master in it. She intends to eradicate dental fear from the society especially inflicted due to poor childhood experience and clear the name of dentistry from the book of “worst fears in the world”.

Outside of the dental world, Dr. B. Parekh loves to travel, make weekend trips and is a master cook. She loves to try new dishes and desserts and always finds her foodie husband a new place to dine in.

She met her husband, Dr. Prashant Parekh, in dental school. They have a 1-year-old daughter named Mishka. When she is not focused in the dental field, she is spending time with her family and favorite human – Mishka.