Tooth Extractions

in Hutto, TX

At Highlight Family Dentistry, we spare no effort to save damaged teeth. However, there are times that extraction is our only viable option. We utilize gentle, proven techniques, and offer sedation dentistry options to provide our valued patients with the quality, comfortable care they deserve.

Why Would a Tooth Require Extraction?

Teeth damaged beyond repair due to severe decay, fracture, advanced periodontal disease, or infections that do not respond to root canal treatment may require extraction. We may recommend removing a tooth as a component of orthodontic treatment to correct tooth crowding or make the space needed for the permanent teeth to shift into alignment.

Wisdom teeth often require extraction if they are infected, decayed, painful, or trapped in the jaw (impacted). They may also erupt at a wrong angle, placing pressure on the neighboring teeth and shifting them out of alignment. Sometimes there isn't sufficient room in the mouth to accommodate a new set of molars. We may also recommend removing wisdom teeth if they have the potential to cause future problems.

What Is the Tooth Extraction Procedure?

We will first numb the area with the help of a local anesthetic and will administer sedation options for your comfort if required. Simple extractions involve the removal of teeth visible above the gumline. Surgical extractions, on the other hand, are needed for teeth that are severely cavitated or are not visible /partially visible in the mouth because they have not yet erupted or have broken off. With today's advances in dental technology and our sedation options, most patients experience minimal pain or discomfort.

How to Promote Healing After Tooth Extraction

Make sure to limit your diet to soft foods and drink plenty of liquids. Avoid drinking through a straw, vigorous rinsing, or smoking for at least 48 hours after the procedure to avoid dislodging the blood clot forming in the tooth socket. Otherwise, you risk developing a painful complication called dry socket. More instructions will be provided in writing during the tooth extraction appointment. Please contact our office and speak to one of our friendly staff if you have any questions or concerns.

Tooth Extractions Near Me

Contact Highlight Family Dentistry in Hutto, TX, if you experience dental pain. We will exhaust every possible option before resorting to removing a damaged or diseased tooth. If extraction is our only option, you can always trust us for comfortable, gentle care.

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