Pregnancy Dentistry Program

in Hutto, TX

Congratulations! Pregnancy is a magical time, filled with joy and anticipation. You will experience changes in many aspects of your life, and your oral health is no exception. We, at Highlight Family Dentistry, are committed to providing you with the quality dental services you deserve. You can count on us for care that exceeds your expectations!

Why Do Oral Health Problems Develop During Pregnancy?

Hormonal imbalance can cause the swelling of your gingiva (gums). Food can get stuck under the gums and cause irritation, which may lead to a condition known as pregnancy gingivitis. Frequent morning sickness and vomiting can result in repeated, prolonged exposure of the teeth to stomach acids, which can cause tooth enamel erosion, sensitivity, and decay. Craving sugary foods during pregnancy and constant snacking can also increase your risk of developing tooth decay and cavities. Professional dental cleaning helps remove plaque and reduce the inflammation and swelling of the gums.

How to Get Your Teeth Pregnancy Ready

During family planning phase or (if any) hormonal treatment phase, we recommend getting your teeth checked and completing any needed dental procedures. If you are currently pregnant, we will carry out only regular cleaning and essential or emergency dental work with clearance from your Ob/Gyn.

What Our Pregnancy Dentistry Program Involves?

Step 1

We will conduct a thorough and comprehensive dental examination to diagnose and plan an oral health plan.

Step 2

If you are in planning phase, we will complete the necessary cleaning (deep or regular) and treat other dental findings. We will then provide you with detailed instructions on home care and follow up appointments. If you are in pregnancy phase, dental work needed will be started upon receiving a clearance from your ob/gyn.

Step 3

Recalls for cleaning are typically every six months, but in our pregnancy program, we recommend a dental cleaning every three months. You may have to cover the fee out of pocket, that is why we have kept our fee very minimal for these cleanings.

How to Care for Your Oral Health at Home During Family Planning and/or Pregnancy Phase?


Make sure you brush your teeth at least twice a day using a soft-bristled brush and toothpaste and floss between your teeth. Do not brush your teeth right after vomiting, use mouthwash and clean your tongue instead. Brushing right after enhances enamel erosion from teeth that are recently drenched in stomach acid. Wait at least 25 – 30 mins before brushing.  Maintaining proper oral hygiene practices before and during pregnancy will reduce the risk of future dental problems.


Tip to Protect Your Teeth During Pregnancy | Part 1

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