Dental Fillings

in Hutto, TX

Did you know that more than 78 percent of Americans have had at least one cavity by age 17? Safeguard your smile with visits to Highlight Family Dentistry every six months for routine dental exams and cleanings. That will allow us to identify tooth decay in its early stages and repair your teeth using dental fillings and prevent the need for extensive and costly procedures down the road.

What Are Dental Fillings?

A dental filling is a restoration designed to repair cavities, restoring a tooth’s form, function, health, and integrity. If not promptly treated, tooth decay can progress to the inner pulp tissue and may require treatments like root canal therapy. In some cases, a severely damaged tooth may require extraction.

Fillings can also repair chipped, broken, fractured teeth, or teeth worn from grinding, a condition known as bruxism. Dental fillings offer a long-lasting restorative solution and are affordable as compared to more involved treatments.

What Are the Common Types of Dental Fillings?

At Highlight Family Dentistry, we use different shades of composite filling material to restore your teeth to optimal health.

  • Composite resin or tooth-colored fillings are matched to your teeth, delivering natural results. They are best suited to repair small to mid-sized cavities on teeth exposed to moderate chewing pressure. Composites work well to treat cavities on front teeth or to restore chipped, broken, or worn teeth.

We are Amalgam (silver filling) free dental office meaning we do not use amalgam as a filling material.

How to Prevent the Need for Dental Fillings

Make sure to brush at least twice a day and floss daily. Don’t forget to schedule your periodic dental exams and cleanings every six months to keep dental decay at bay and to allow us to monitor your oral health.

Dental Fillings Near Me

Contact Highlight Dentistry, TX, to schedule your routine dental exam and cleaning. If we uncover early signs of decay, we will treat your tooth using a dental filling to ensure the condition does not progress. We are committed to delivering care and services that exceed your expectations. Call us at 512- 886-2644 today!

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