Dental Exams

in Hutto, TX

Good oral health creates the best smile! At Highlight Family Dentistry of Hutto, we perform a comprehensive examination at your initial visit in our office. Our goal is to determine your immediate dental needs as well as plan for your future dental care.

 At your comprehensive exam, your doctor will:

  • Take a full mouth series of x-rays by the doctor’s assistant
  • Discuss your dental and overall health since your last dental exam
  • Review your radiographs, checking for decay, cracks, and chips
  • Evaluate your bite and jaw
  • Examine and chart existing restorations
  • Screen for gum disease and periodontal disease
  • Conduct TMJ examination
  • Screen for oral cancer
  • Discuss with you any cosmetic concerns you may have as well

All the above information will be gathered and analyzed by your dentist and a personalized treatment plan will be developed and discussed with you. All procedures, alternatives, pros and cons will be discussed so that you can make an EDUCATED decision. Call Highlight Family Dentistry of Hutto to schedule your comprehensive dental exam today. We want to partner with you in your oral health and help you maintain a healthy smile for a lifetime!

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