Dental Bridge

What Are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?

Highlight Family Dentistry is pleased to offer a range of tooth replacement solutions, including dental bridges, to restore healthy, beautiful smiles. Our aesthetic restorations are carefully crafted from the highest quality materials, enhancing your smile and improving your quality of life. 

What Are Dental Bridges? 

Dental bridges are restorations designed to replace one or more neighboring teeth. They consist of crowns placed on natural teeth on each side of the space, known as abutment teeth. These anchoring teeth support replacement teeth known as pontics, literally “bridging” the gap and restoring your complete smile. 

What Are the Benefits of Dental Bridges? 

Dental bridges offer many benefits, including the following: 

Quick and Convenient Process: Dental bridges require two to three dental visits, providing a quicker and more convenient treatment process than other tooth replacement options, such as dental implants. We will have you in a smile you love before you know it! 

Natural-Looking: Dental bridges are designed to closely resemble your natural teeth in color, shape, and overall appearance. They blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth, restoring your harmonious, symmetrical smile. 

Restore Your Chewing Function: Missing one or more of your teeth can make it challenging to enjoy your favorite foods. A dental bridge can make it easier to chew and eat comfortably, enhancing your health and quality of life. 

Improve Your Speech: Leaving a gap in your smile can impact your speech, causing difficulties in clarity and pronunciation. A dental bridge can restore your smile and ability to speak clearly and confidently. 

Prevent Teeth Drifting: When a tooth goes missing, the neighboring teeth tend to shift or drift toward the gap, leading to crooked teeth and problems with the bite. Dental bridges prevent the teeth from shifting, maintaining their healthy alignment. 

Enhance Your Oral Health: Dental bridges prevent plaque, bacteria, and food debris from accumulating in the space, reducing the risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral health problems. It’s also easier to brush and floss effectively, enhancing your oral health. 

Redistribute Bite Forces: Dental bridges help distribute the forces of your bite, making it more even throughout the mouth. That helps reduce your risk of gum disease, uneven tooth wear and fracture, and TMJ pain. 

Long-Lasting: Dental bridges are incredibly durable and resistant to daily wear and tear. With proper oral hygiene care and twice-yearly dental exams and cleanings, your restoration can continue to enhance your smile for many years to come. 

Is a Dental Bridge Right for You?

A dental bridge can be your ideal tooth restoration solution if you are missing one or more adjacent teeth or if you have teeth that are damaged beyond repair. It’s important to note that dental bridges rely on teeth on either side of the gap for support. If these teeth are weak or compromised, our experienced dentists may recommend alternative tooth replacement solutions, such as partial dentures, dental implants, or implant-supported bridges

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