What Are the Benefits of Dentures

What Are the Benefits of Dentures?

If you are in search of a time-tested solution to restore your missing teeth, Highlight Family Dentistry is here to help. We are proud to offer state-of-the-art tooth replacement options, including dentures, to enhance your oral health and improve your quality of life. Learn more about the benefits of dentures to decide if they are right for you. 

Dentures Enhance the Appearance of Your Smile

Missing some or all of your teeth can detract from your appearance. If you find yourself self-conscious and hiding your smile, dentures may be the solution for you. Your new restorations will look like your natural teeth, so no one will notice they are there!

Dentures Are Incredibly Comfortable and Natural Looking

Denture technology has come a long way. Today’s dentures are not like their older counterparts. They are made from a comfortable, lightweight material and look and feel incredibly natural. They may require a brief adjustment period at first, but once you are accustomed to having them in your mouth, you’ll marvel at how comfortable and functional they are!

Dentures Support Your Facial Structure

Missing some or all of your teeth can result in your cheeks and facial muscles sinking or sagging, leaving you looking older. Dentures support your facial structure, restoring your youthful appearance. 

Dentures Safeguard Your Oral Health

Missing your teeth can lead to oral health problems. Your oral bone structure will begin to deteriorate, leading to bone loss. Dentures help by decreasing the rate at which the bone in the area disintegrates. When it comes to losing only some of your teeth, leaving a gap in your smile can lead to the surrounding teeth shifting and drifting into the space, affecting your bite and the alignment of the surrounding teeth. Wearing partial dentures will stop the surrounding teeth from moving and will distribute the chewing forces, preventing excessive wear and tear on your remaining teeth. 

Dentures Are Removable

Both full and partial traditional dentures are removable, allowing you to clean them and your mouth with ease. You’ll also have the freedom to take out your prosthetic teeth if you need a break or if you do not wish to wear them at the moment. 

Dentures Allow You to Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

Missing some or all of your teeth will significantly limit your food choices. With your custom, well-fitting dentures, you’ll be able to indulge in your favorite treats without any pain or frustration. Keep in mind, though, that biting down on hard objects can damage your dentures, just as it would your natural teeth. 

Dentures Help You Speak With Clarity

Missing some or all of your teeth can impact the way you enunciate or pronounce words. Wearing full or partial dentures will eliminate this problem and allow you to speak clearly and confidently once again. 

Dentures Are the Most Cost-Effect Tooth Replacement Option

Traditional complete and partial dentures continue to grow in popularity and are the most affordable tooth replacement option compared to other methods, such as dental implants or bridges. Best of all, they deliver astounding results!

Quality Dentures Near Me

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